Thomas H. Sullivan

Attorney at Law

Personal Confidential Questionnaire for Estate Planning

Here you can download the Personal Information form (Adobe PDF, 170Kb) preceeding your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. Please note that all information submitted is kept strictly confidential and does not leave the law office. This information is instrumental in our attorneys ability to properly assess and fulfill your desires and estate planning needs.

Trust Funding and Asset Information Questionnaire

Here you can download the Asset Summary form (Adobe PDF, 245Kb) if you have decided to retain your business with Sullivan Estate Law. Please follow all instructions listed on the form as well as possible. All your information is kept strictly confidential and is only viewed by the appropriate individuals within the law firm. This information is vital in getting your living trust funded in a timely fashion.

Daily Plan It Archives

The Daily Plan-It is issued two to three times per month with information in articles concerning local and national interests concerning estate planning. Below are the archived editions of the Daily Plan-It released by Sullivan Estate Law . If you'd like to receive the Daily Plan-It by either email or fax, please contact

NNEPA Brochure

Here you can download a general overview on estate planning (Adobe PDF, 760Kb) from the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. You can download this brochure as a PDF.